No Brexit must be a real option

Best for Britain is gearing up for an interesting and active next few months and we want all of you to be involved! We thought we’d take a minute to bring you up to speed with our developments….

First, let’s rewind. The June 2017 general election was a game changer for Brexit. Theresa May broke her word and called an election. She called this election to secure a mandate with the aim of allowing her to single handedly decide the outcome of Brexit and the fate of this country. Her gamble didn’t pay off. The election results not only show that Brexit is the most important issue facing our country, but also that the British electorate do not agree with the government’s path towards Extreme Brexit. This government has no mandate to railroad the country into a bad deal – it’s time for No Brexit to be a real option.

We believe that Parliament must have real choices in the Brexit process. Both the Labour and Conservative party have pledged to deliver the country the ‘exact same benefits’ from any Brexit that we enjoy under our current EU membership terms. We must be able to reject all deals that don’t measure up to our current terms and have the option of a deal within the EU. It would be negligent for our politicians to knowingly pursue a Brexit that would leave us worse off. All options must remain on the table, including No Brexit.

In our eyes:

  • No deal =  no Brexit: we cannot allow Theresa May to take us off the cliff edge
  • Bad deal = no Brexit: because No Brexit is better than a bad Brexit
  • Any deal = real choice: the country needs a real choice between  Brexit and No Brexit

Many of our supporters can’t see any prospect for a ‘good Brexit’. We agree. But what’s most important is public opinion across the country – and more people are beginning to doubt whether a ‘good Brexit’ is feasible. With your help we want to bring in those people that are doubting Brexit, maybe for the first time, and work together to give our country real options, including the chance to press ‘eject’ from Brexit.

To do this we have to resist, organise and act. We must move past the binary ‘Leave’ and ‘Remain’ camps. We must actively seek out people who voted leave, people who didn’t vote and people who are having doubts about Brexit. We must have respectful conversations and aim to understand people’s concerns. We must bring those together who are questioning whether Brexit is worth the risk. We must aim to bring people in from all walks of life – everyone has a stake in our future.

Please make sure you have signed up to campaign with us in your constituency! We are coming to you soon with our plan, and we’re building a dedicated team to help build our movement.

By Atalandi Dixon

[First published 18th August 2017]

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