Theresa May’s speech on Brexit in Florence

Eloise Todd, CEO of Best for Britain – which campaigns to keep all options about Britain’s future relationship with the European Union open – commenting on Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech in Florence, said:

“Mrs May had no new offer to make. She seems to have spent many thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money to fly out to Florence to merely restate her well-know positions.

“But where’s the detail? Where is the clarity? Above all what is the reason why we should risk economic and social stability by leaving the European Union? She has to supply a concrete and realistic answer to that question and she is not doing so.

“The only thing Mrs May has confirmed today is that she is not softening Brexit in any way. It is surely time that politicians and others in Britain got the option of remaining in the European Union on the table as we negotiate a Brexit deal. Having that fallback available is surely a common sense option that should be supported across the political spectrum.

“No Brexit is better than a Bad Brexit and unfortunately Mrs May is still failing to guarantee that Brexit will be anything other than bad.”

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