Remain, Leave and the General Election: A Little More Insight

In case you missed it, last week we published a report we commissioned to investigate the voting behaviour of Leave and Remain voters. It yielded some pretty interesting results!

‘A constituency by constituency analysis suggests that, while a significant number of leave voters appear to have switched to the Conservatives, many remain voters supported the party in their constituency most likely to beat the Conservatives (mostly Labour).’

You can read all about it in this 2-page summary, which highlights the key findings. GE2017 Post-EU-Referendum Tactical Voting Report 2-pager

And because (almost) everything is better with a picture, here’s a handy infographic.

Brexit and the 2017 General Election

Or in you’re a fan of crunching the numbers, you can find the analysis in full (and more) here – Best For Britain Tactical Voting Report.

Download the full size infographic here.

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