Campaign Trainings Launch Across The Country

It’s official – we’re taking our local campaign training on the road! Following our first event in London last month (over 150 people attended), we’ll be hosting nine events across the country in November and December (with even more coming in 2018!).

Our “barnstorm” training events are about practical steps you can take to make a difference. They are hands-on, interactive sessions driven by two key principles:

1. We must get out of the echo chamber and persuasively talk about a No Brexit option to expand our supporter base.

2. Our efforts have to go from mass rallies to direct action, to build the base  and apply constant pressure on MPs to sustain change.

Don’t worry – if we’re not in your area before new year, our goal is to get within 75 miles of almost every person in the UK in 2018!

Please join our experienced Field Campaigns Director who has worked on elections both in the UK and the USA and our growing field campaigns team for an interesting, fast-paced and exciting evening.

RSVP using the links below:

November 14th – Bridgend

November 15th – Bristol

November 21 – Portsmouth

November 22 – Southampton

November 28 – Richmond

November 29 – Barnet

December 4 – Norwich

December 5 – Doncaster

December 14 – Vauxhall

RSVP soon as places are limited!

Note: If we’re not yet coming to your area but you’d like us to, secure 50 people and a venue and we’ll aim to host a special event where you are!

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