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GINA MILLER – Best for Britain Launch Speech, 26 April 2017

This General Election is going to be different to any in recent times.
Like it or not Brexit is a key issue, as Britain faces an uncertain future.
Every one of us wants what is Best for Britain – that desire bonds us all together in this Election.
Achieving what is Best for Britain needs thoughtful, responsible leadership from whoever is elected Prime Minister and a strong effective Parliament to hold that Prime Minister to account.
Our Parliamentary system relies on electing strong, principled MPs from different backgrounds that are prepared to stand by these principles, ask questions, and hold the Govt to account.
In this election it will be about voting for candidates that will reflect the views of all of their constituents and put principles above politics.
That is why last week I set up a crowdfunding page which almost 10,000 people have already donated to, raising an incredible £300,000.
This grassroots movement wants what’s Best for Britain and they are supporting our call to elect MPs in Parliament who are prepared to put party politics to one side to ensure that the best deal for Britain is achieved.  In terms of Brexit that means MPs who want to see all options on the table.
People are worried about the future direction of this country, they believe in Parliamentary democracy and they believe, as do we, that only tactical voting in this election can ensure that Parliament plays their full part in the future of this country.
Like us, they believe we need MPs to be strong and open minded about what is best for Britain.
The idea that parliament should simply rubber-stamp a binary deal or no deal option presented by a future government, and ignore any other alternative options, would reduce democracy to a mere footnote.
Throughout the course of this General Election campaign we will be focusing on educating and empowering people to make a tactical vote and choosing MPs who will do the Best for Britain.

Thanks to the generous donations we have received, we will be able to directly support parliamentary candidates who are committed to keeping all options open. 

And we shall work tirelessly to support candidates who want what’s Best for Britain and believe in principles over politics. 

This is the most important election for a generation.It’s crucial that people feel inspired to register and vote.

It is especially important for young people to vote as they will be living with the consequences of the decisions taken in the next parliament for their entire lives.

We will achieve our objectives by: 

  1. Working with a range of organisations and partners by providing on the ground campaign support
  2. Delivering Best for Britain’s tactical vote recommendation based on new research about where your vote will make the biggest difference
  3. Donating your money directly to local candidates
  4. Utilising the very best technology to spread the message in the areas where tactical voting can make a real difference to the result

I am sincerely grateful for those who have so generously donated and offered their time and skills.  I hope many more people will join our Best for Britain team – you are a vital part of this and we need you to get involved at

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