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Message from the Best for Britain team

Dear supporters,

The polls have just closed. For the last six weeks we’ve been working, with your support, to fight extreme Brexit. We are so grateful for your support and we’ve met so many great people on the campaign trail.

Here’s a snapshot of what we have done over the period of the campaign:

  1.  Delivered a voter registration campaign among young people and women in particular, working with fantastic partners like Bite the Ballot, Citizens UK, RizeUp and MLMS. Our campaign reached two million people.
  2. Supported 36 candidate champions with donations and other campaign support such as visits to get them media coverage.
  3. We have also supported another 100 candidates with targeted digital campaigning.
  4. Built a tactical voting dashboard (now put into retirement until the next election) to show people how to avoid extreme Brexit and limit a Tory majority.  The Dashboard has had over half a million unique users and some marginals got more visits than the size of their majority – many times over!
  5. A national digital campaign to drive tactical voting.

The top searched constituencies where we’ve made a clear call were the following which shows just how important the marginal fights will be tonight. Four out of these five are among our champions (all except Bath):

  1.     Bath
  2.     St Albans
  3.     Brighton Pavilion
  4.     Vauxhall
  5.     Maidenhead

When we started this in April, polling we commissioned from Election Data and YouGov showed a potential 188 seat majority for Theresa May. We decided we needed to dent that majority and also to fight for strong voices to oppose Brexit.

None of this would have been possible without your support, so a massive thank you from every single one of us in the extended Best for Britain family – which has become larger as we met new friends along the way.

We’ll be updating our supporters like you with email (sign up here if you haven’t yet) and on Twitter throughout election night with the latest news.

Very best wishes


Eloise and the team